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Over 1 Billion People Worldwide Struggle with Behavioral Health Conditions

60 Million Americans Suffer from Stress And Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, OCD, and Other Mental Health Disorders

What SoundMindz Offers


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Tools For Asynchronous Monitoring of Patients Via Mobile Devices; Provide Instant Feedback, Guidance; Increase Patient Engagement, Satisfaction, Retention; New Patient Referrals

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Lower Costs; Reduced Absenteeism; Increased Productivity; Immediate And Convenient Access To Quality Mental Health Programs; Population Analytics

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Self-Help Tools; Online Scheduling And Email With Therapists, Providers; Structured Social Peer Support; News


We Offer Therapy Apps To Complement In Person Visits To Clinicians Or Doctors

Latest News
Oct. 7, 2015 Personal Progress Tracker

We have developed a highly customizable, interactive electronic journal for you to record and track all your relevant data:

  • Clinician recommended symptoms for any disorder.
  • Activities like exercise or hours of sleep that can help control your condition or improve your general health.
  • Create a 'Custom' activity or symptom to track any other metrics you want.

By sharing your daily Progress Tracker data with your clinician, you will also:

So, enjoy your interactive tool and share the data with your clinician if you wish. It will be stored safely and privately for you on our cloud servers and be available for print or review from any device, on demand

Oct 7, 2015 Empathic CBT Corner

Empathic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy uses our innate capacity of empathy to identify the origin of a person’s historical hurts and resultant biases in thinking. Empathic listening allows one person to understand and react to the unique experiences of another.  Empathic relationships provide the security and trust necessary for individuals to reveal their unresolved hurts without fear of judgment or ridicule. Once awareness is increased regarding the origin of unresolved hurts CBT can be employed with it’s focus on correcting distorted thinking and creating practical steps to put change into action. For true change to take place learning must be translated into new behavior. Dr. Ciaramicoli has been using this combination for over 35 years, integrating these two important therapeutic elements that lead to the ability for people to discern the truth about themselves and those they encounter. Without truthful perceiving we lead a life based on illusions that create stress, depression and anxiety. Our new section will give you a clear idea of how Empathic CBT works with many examples from Dr. Ciaramicoli’s practice of people who have used this innovative new therapy to live balanced, healthy lives.

Oct 7, 2015 Behavioral Health: Asynchronous Monitoring Of Patients, Tracking Outcomes

The SoundMindz platform offers web or app based asynchronous behavioral monitoring. Combined with our other tools like online self-help, referrals, scheduling and email systems, delivery of behavioral health services becomes far more accessible and efficient. In addition, outcome analytics from SoundMindz Research help develop more effective evidence based therapies.

There are several advantages to asynchronous behavioral monitoring including:
It is better suited to longer treatment cycles for chronic mental disorders
It gives providers a wealth of information which can be used to help patients
Patients self-report data keeping them engaged and actively learning
Easily accessible to patients on mobile devices
Analytics help further personalize and refine treatment plans

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