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We Offer Therapy Apps To Complement In Person Visits To Clinicians Or Doctors

Latest News
Dec. 1, 2015 Personal Progress Tracker

We have developed a highly customizable, interactive electronic journal for you to record and track all your relevant data:

  • Clinician recommended symptoms for any disorder.
  • Activities like exercise or hours of sleep that can help control your condition or improve your general health.
  • Create a 'Custom' activity or symptom to track any other metrics you want.

By sharing your daily Progress Tracker data with your clinician, you will also:

So, enjoy your interactive tool and share the data with your clinician if you wish. It will be stored safely and privately for you on our cloud servers and be available for print or review from any device, on demand

Dec. 1, 2015 Thanks-Giving-A Time to Heal

As we approach Thanksgiving our world is shaking. The bombings in Paris once again remind us how fragile we all are and how quickly our lives can change. We have endured 9/11, Newtown, the Boston bombings and other mass killings and the treat of more killing is looming.  Nevertheless we still remain a country, unlike many others, where we can speak freely without fear of reprise.  We must take advantage of this freedom in this most difficult time. Our freedom does not come without responsibility, we must be thankful for this right and give back to the world our commitment to speak truthfully, without the prejudice and bias that fuels terrorism. Our world is shaking but each of us can do something to settle the uneasiness with those close to us and we can spread this influence throughout the world.

What can we do?

Simply pot, we can build bridges rather than building walls. The intolerance of difference, the righteousness of some who believe their way is the right way and those who disagree should be silenced if not killed has become one of the most horrific, gruesome movements throughout the world of all time.

This type of thinking begins in small ways, children being taught to hate, to discriminate, to mock and chide those unlike their families and those who have different beliefs than their families. It starts in subtle, small steps from adults whose insecurity and narrow mindedness is passed on to innocent, easily influenced minds.

Dec. 1, 2015 Behavioral, Mental Health Tips For Fall

With fall in the air, we thought it was time to remind you about ‘healthy’ habits for dealing with shorter days and less sunshine:

Plenty of sleep but not too much

Too much of anything is seldom good!  While we all know the benefits of good sleep and potential dangers of insomnia (raised blood glucose levels, possible cholesterol complications and anxiety to name a few), always bear in mind that too much sleep can also be an issue.  Grogginess, lack of energy, and potential depression symptoms are possible when we sleep too many hours!

Stay active indoors or out

Exercise is probably the single most important factor when it comes to keeping healthy, physically and mentally. So as it gets harder to exercise outdoors due to weather, remember you always have the option to go indoors to work up a sweat!  So, No excuses, get out there and do ‘something’ everyday!

Socialize, Socialize

We are all social animals and need, depend on friends and family for emotional support and wellbeing. So as it gets dark out and your moods may not be as bright; the best quick remedy is a cup of coffee with a friend or relative.  At SoundMindz we are advocates of face to face get-togethers vs digital ones.  Nothing is like talking to someone in person, try it as often as you can.

And SoundMindz offers Many tools to support you:

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