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Over 1 Billion People Worldwide Struggle with Behavioral Health Conditions

60 Million Americans Suffer from Stress And Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, OCD, and Other Mental Health Disorders

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Tools For Asynchronous Monitoring of Patients Via Mobile Devices; Provide Instant Feedback, Guidance; Increase Patient Engagement, Satisfaction, Retention; New Patient Referrals

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Lower Costs; Reduced Absenteeism; Increased Productivity; Immediate And Convenient Access To Quality Mental Health Programs; Population Analytics

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Self-Help Tools; Online Scheduling And Email With Therapists, Providers; Structured Social Peer Support; News


We Offer Therapy Apps To Complement In Person Visits To Clinicians, Doctors

Latest News
April 29, 2016 Personal Progress Tracker

We have developed a highly customizable, interactive electronic journal for you to record and track all your relevant data:

  • Clinician recommended symptoms for any disorder.
  • Activities like exercise or hours of sleep that can help control your condition or improve your general health.
  • Create a 'Custom' activity or symptom to track any other metrics you want.

By sharing your daily Progress Tracker data with your clinician, you will also:

So, enjoy your interactive tool and share the data with your clinician if you wish. It will be stored safely and privately for you on our cloud servers and be available for print or review from any device, on demand

April 29, 2016 Living, Learning and Coping with Change

The life of a spiritual learner is a relational life, a belief in the power of others to increase each other’s knowledge and enliven each other’s heart. Of course, in order for this process to take place, you have to have attained a comfort level with being vulnerable, with not being all-knowing but being in relationships to listen, learn and love. In order to learn as much as possible from others, empathy has to be expanded so that you can hear from a position of deep listening. This kind of attentive, emphatic listening brings forth the deepest communication human beings can experience; it is truly a gift of spirit to both parties.

Having this perspective makes life so much easier as our expectations are in order and we see each day as an opportunity for more enrichment. I don’t mean this in an ideal sense; we all have good and bad days. I am talking about the fact that when you are interested in learning for the right reasons, life becomes more bearable. The worry about aging, money and the future seems to occupy less of your thinking because you are engaged and enjoying your days for the most part. Impediments to accomplishing or achieving are seen for what they are, opportunities to learn and grow. I think this type of individual builds skills in an easier fashion than most people because he or she is more comfortable with being in a learning process.

April 29, 2016 Formula For Guilt Free Living

In one of my recent psychotherapy sessions one of my very astute clients asked me to write an article on guilt. “You know guilt must be the heart of depression and lack of confidence, I wish you could write down the formula that would lead to being guilt free”. Although I don’t think that guilt is the only variable contributing to a low mood I do believe that excessive guilt destroys a person’s spirit, and often leads to a constant fear of making mistakes and displeasing other people.

The Origin of Guilt

We hopefully develop a sense of guilt as children when we act in ways that are unkind to others, we are reprimanded, and we realize that hurting others causes an uncomfortable feeling within us and within others. We are in essence becoming socialized so that we can participate in relationships with respect and empathy. We know that everyone is born with the capacity for empathy and as we are exposed to empathic interactions we can gradually place ourselves in the experience of other people, thus when those close to us are hurt we hurt.

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